Please allow additional time if using shuttles to travel between the terminal, parking lots and rail station as shuttle delays are possible. Travelers should plan to arrive at the terminal 2 hours before scheduled domestic departure.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Advertising – If you are interested in purchasing advertising in the BWI Marshall Airport terminal and facilities, including the external banner space on the Daily Garage, please contact Clear Channel Airports here.

Animal Relief Area – BWI Marshall Airport travelers who are accompanied by service or other domestic animals can now enjoy the convenience of Animal Relief Areas while at the airport. Please visit our Animals page for more information.

Animals/Pets – Animal travel policies vary by airline, please contact your airline for details.

Baggage – Baggage policies vary by airline. For questions concerning lost baggage, oversized baggage, fees for baggage, delivery of lost baggage, check-in times for baggage, weight or size of baggage please contact your airline.

Bike Rack – A bike rack is located just outside the international terminal, close to the light rail station where a spur of the BWI Bike Trail meets the airport terminal.

Booking flights – Please contact either your airline or a travel agent to a book a flight. To see which airlines fly to a specific destination, please visit our BWI Route Map.

BWI Marshall logo – The red and white symbol on the BWI Marshall logo was designed to represent forward movement and growth. Although it was not designed to represent either an airplane, bird in flight or the United States Capitol building many people see a connection and relate the logo to one of these or to an upward pointing arrow.

Check-in times – For information related to flight check-in times or ticket counter operations, please contact your airline.

Concierge Services – Third-party vendors offer concierge services to travelers desiring assistance during their travel journey. Passengers should contact Air General, Perq Soleil or SkySquad to learn more about available services.

Conference Room Rental – There are no conference rooms available for rental at BWI Marshall Airport. However, there are numerous hotels in the vicinity with conference rooms and event space to meet all your needs. Please visit Hotels Near BWI for more information.

Contact Us – Please visit the Contact page.

Courtesy Shuttles – Free shuttles transport passengers between the terminal and airport parking facilities with the exception of our Hourly Garage which is connected to the terminal. Airport parking shuttles operate 24/7 on approximate 10-15 minute intervals. Delays are possible due to a nationwide driver shortage.

Customer Service – To contact the airport customer service team, please call 410-859-7683 or email [email protected]. Team members are available 9am-5pm on weekdays.

Drones/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – Drone operators must receive an airspace authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate within 7 miles of BWI Marshall Airport. More info posted here on the Maryland Aviation Administration website.

Early check-in for flights – Please contact your airline.

Escort/gate pass – Airlines issue escort/gate passes at their discretion. Please contact your airline for more information.

Family Restrooms – BWI Marshall has family restrooms in many locations throughout the terminal building. Please visit our Families page for more information.

Flight information – Please contact your airline for updates related to flight status, cancellations and delays.

Food and Dining – Please visit our Interactive Maps for more information here. 

ID requirements – Please check with your airline and TSA.

Lockers – There are no lockers at BWI Marshall Airport for luggage storage. All airport baggage storage has been suspended by order of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Contact your airline to inquire if they will allow early luggage check-in.

Lost and Found – Visit our Lost and Found page to learn who to contact regarding your lost item. The airport and TSA maintain separate Lost and Found offices.

Luggage – For questions concerning lost luggage, oversized luggage, fees for luggage, delivery of lost luggage, check-in times for luggage, weight or size of luggage please contact your airline.

Noise Complaints – Please contact the Maryland Aviation Administration’s Community Relations division for information on aircraft noise and filing a noise complaint.

Nursing – Recognizing the importance of providing high-quality facilities for nursing mothers, BWI Marshall Airport provides specialized lactation stations in the airport. Please visit our Nursing Areas page for more information.

Operating times of security checkpoints – TSA operates the security checkpoints at BWI Marshall Airport. Typically, the checkpoints are open at 4:00am. Closing times and TSA Precheck availability will vary by checkpoint. More info here.

Opening times of food outlets and retail shops – Please visit our Interactive Maps for more information here.

Oversized baggage – Please contact your airline.

Paging – BWI Marshall Airport cannot page passengers or visitors. Contact the airline your passenger is using for paging assistance.

Parking citations – To discuss parking citations received at BWI Marshall Airport, please call the Maryland Transportation Authority Police at 410-859-7042.

Parking duration – There is no limit to the duration of your stay in airport parking facilities. For example, our Hourly and Daily Garages can be used for long-term parking. For more information on parking options, visit our parking page.

Parking services – To see available lots and garages at BWI Marshall Airport, go to our parking page.

Passenger Pick-Up/Drop-Off – Drivers dropping off passengers should utilize the Departures/Upper Level roadway while those picking up passengers should utilize the Arrivals/Lower Level roadway. Passengers are advised to not call their pick-up driver until they are ready to exit the airport terminal. Drivers waiting for an arriving passenger should do so at our Cell Phone Lot.

Permissible/prohibited items – Please contact your airline regarding policies on items allowed on aircraft. Please note any items on an aircraft must first pass through a security checkpoint operated by TSA. Visit the TSA website for information on items allowed in checked and carry-on bags.

Rail station shuttles – Shuttle buses run between the airport terminal and the airport rail station approximately every ten minutes. The trip takes about ten minutes, depending on traffic. Rail station shuttle bus stops at the airport terminal are located on the lower level inner roadway. The shuttle bus stops at Concourses A/B, C, D and E. The driver will announce airline names at each bus stop. At the rail station, buses pick-up directly across the street from the station in front of the parking garage.

Seat assignments – Please contact your airline.

Shopping – Please visit our Interactive Maps here for more information on airport retail stores.

Skycap services – Please contact your airline.

Smoking – BWI Marshall Airport is a non-smoking airport. The only designated areas where smoking is permitted are the outer curb area (center island) of the upper and lower level roadways in front of the terminal. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all other areas of the airport.

Time to arrive & check in at the airport – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) currently recommends travelers arrive 2 hours before scheduled Domestic Flights and 3 hours for International Flights. More information and travel tips are available on the TSA website.

Volunteering – Our Pathfinders greet and assist airport visitors each day of the year. Apply here or, for more information, contact our Office of Customer Experience by phone at 410-859-7035 or via email at [email protected].

Unaccompanied minors/Children traveling alone – Policies vary by airline. Please contact your airline for details.

Weather alerts – Please contact your airline for flight-specific information. During significant weather events at BWI Marshall Airport, alert information is posted prominently on the homepage of the airport website. These weather advisories provide important information for travelers regarding airport conditions and the status of airline flight operations. The alert information is updated frequently throughout weather events.

Wheelchairs – Please contact your airline for wheelchair assistance prior to arriving at BWI Marshall Airport.

Wi-Fi – For assistance in connecting to #MyBWI-Fi, the free BWI Marshall Airport Wi-Fi service, click here.