Please allow additional time if using shuttles to travel between the terminal, parking lots and rail station as shuttle delays are possible. Travelers should plan to arrive at the terminal 2 hours before scheduled domestic departure.

Our Environment

Graphic showing vector outline of an aircraft flying above puffy clouds.BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport is serious about being green.

As a community partner, we care about the protection of the natural environment.

BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport understands the importance of protecting and preserving our air, water, and natural resources while providing exemplary service to passengers, employees, and the surrounding community.

Air Quality Management Plan

Reducing emissions through technology.

Eight electric, zero-emission parking shuttles will soon enter the fleet at BWI Marshall Airport. This is part of the state of Maryland’s goal of a 60% emission reduction by 2031.

In 2023, we added 5 new fast-charging electric vehicle chargers to our Express Lot. ​The charging stations were utilized 1,178 times each month, on average, saving 3,521 gallons of gasoline and offsetting 68,970 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Waste Management Plan

Finding creative ways to recycle and reduce waste.

Logo of Maryland Environmental Service

BWI Marshall Airport partners with the Maryland Environmental Service for a number of waste management initiatives.

On average, 10.5 tons of food waste are collected each month for composting efforts with Prince George’s County Organics Composting Facility.​

We collect, on average, 5.5 tons of used cooking oil each month from airport restaurants to be processed into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at Neste refineries. 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are reduced over the lifecycle of SAF in comparison to conventional aviation fuel​.

27 bushels of oyster shells were collected from our oyster bars in the first 10 months of 2023 for the Oyster Recovery Partnership to help restore oyster reefs in the Chesapeake Bay.

Reforestation Master Plan

Logo of Maryland Department of Natural ResourcesIn partnership with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), we finalized a Forest Conservation Easement (FCE) encompassing over 122 acres, including 84 acres of Wetlands of Special State Concern (WSSC). The FCE benefits rare, threatened and endangered (RTE) species, located within the easement, and the MAA by serving as forest mitigation to support ongoing airport development.

View the MAA Green Report