Please allow additional time if using shuttles to travel between the terminal, parking lots and rail station as shuttle delays are possible. Travelers should plan to arrive at the terminal 2 hours before scheduled domestic departure.

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Destination: Thriving Communities

Graphic featuring 4 red circles with one word in each circle: 'community', 'military', 'environment', 'youth', and text in the middle of the circles that reads Our Pillars.BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport stands proud as a community anchor and economic hub.

We are dedicated to improving lives in our community. We invite you to learn more about the work we do in our community, environment and with our military and youth.

We’ll take you there and we invest here.

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BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport's Economic Impact

We thrive together when the airport succeeds.


in annual economic impact to Maryland.


jobs created by airport operations.

Our Community

Photo of a family of four posing smiling as they hold carry-on bags along a terminal roadway at BWI Marshall Airport.

Uplifting the people and places that matter in the Maryland region.

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Our Environment

Photo of a zero-emissions parking shuttle parked on a terminal roadway in front of BWI Marshall Airport.

Keeping our home green and clean for a safe environment.

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Our Youth

Setting up our next generation for success in aviation and transportation industries.

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