Please allow additional time if using shuttles to travel between the terminal, parking lots and rail station as shuttle delays are possible. Travelers should plan to arrive at the terminal 2 hours before scheduled domestic departure.


BWI Marshall Airport's State-of-the-Art Baggage Handling System Will Help You Get On Your Way

For questions concerning lost baggage, oversized baggage, fees for baggage, delivery of lost baggage, check-in times for baggage, weight, or size of baggage please contact your airline.

The baggage claim at BWI Marshall Airport is located on the lower level of the terminal, easily accessible from each concourse with easy exit to the pickup lane, Hourly garage, and transit options.

If you have questions or concerns about lost baggage, go to the Lost & Found page.

Lower Terminal Baggage Claim Map

The Baggage Claim at BWI Marshall Airport is located on the lower terminal.

Young boy waiting for his bag to come up the conveyor belt at baggage claim