Please allow additional time if using shuttles to travel between the terminal, parking lots and rail station as shuttle delays are possible. Travelers should plan to arrive at the terminal 2 hours before scheduled domestic departure.

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Airport Safety

More than 27 million passengers travel through BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport every year. The goal of the Maryland Aviation Administration is to ensure that each of our passengers is provided a safe travel environment.

Here are some tips to assist you while traveling:

photo overlooking the Departures Level roadway at BWI Marshall Airport with a text overlay along the bottom of the image with text of Airport Safety

  • Arrive 2 hours early (3 hours for international travel). This will allow you sufficient time should there be an issue anywhere along the way between your vehicle to your gate. 
  • Arriving on time or early means you don’t have to run for your flight. This helps prevent an accidental slip, trip or fall.
  • Stay alert and watch your bags and belongings.
  • Don’t let anyone but uniformed airline personnel handle your bags.
  • Pack smart. Check the TSA website for information on items are permissible in carry-on or checked bags. The askTSA accounts on Facebook and Twitter can also answer checkpoint-related questions.
  • Keep a record of the contents of your checked luggage. Keep anything of value in your carry-on that stays with you.
  • If you need help navigating the airport, check with the volunteers at Information Desks located throughout the airport.
  • If you see something, say something. Go to your nearest airport employee and let them know what you’ve seen or heard.


  • Use elevators if you are traveling with heavy luggage. Elevators are safer and less awkward than using escalators or stairs.
  • Hold your child’s hand when entering an elevator. If you have a child in a stroller, do not use the stroller or any other items to block closing elevator doors.
  • Watch clothing, bags and other personal items to ensure they don’t get caught in the door.
  • If you get stuck in an elevator anywhere, use the emergency phone inside the elevator.
  • Watch your step as you enter and exit the elevator. Look down to ensure the floor surfaces both inside and outside of the elevator are level.
  • Allow elevator occupants to exit the elevator before boarding.

Escalators and Moving Walkways

  • Watch for loose clothing, shoelaces and flip-flops on escalators and moving walkways.
  • Always hold your child’s hand when entering, transiting and exiting an escalator or moving walkway.
  • Do not use carts, strollers, wheelchairs or walkers on escalators and moving walkways.
  • Promptly step off the moving walkway or escalator and keep moving forward to avoid backups behind you.
  • Never sit or rest on an escalator or moving walkway.
  • Allow yourself enough space between the person in front of you, should they need additional time to exit.
  • If you see someone who is in distress on an escalator or moving walkway, there is an emergency stop button at the end of escalator or moving walkway.

Ridesharing – Uber/Lyft

  • Request your ride from inside the airport only after you are ready to leave the airport (not upon landing or exiting the aircraft).
  • Check your ride before entering.
  • Have the driver confirm your name.
  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • Share your trip details with loved ones.
  • Protect your personal information.
  • Follow your intuition.

Airport Shuttle Safety Tips

  • Wait at the stop. Drivers are instructed to pick up passengers only at the designed stops.
  • Secure your luggage properly on the racks provided. Keep aisles clear.
  • Stand a safe distance from the curb. Be sure to stay clear of the bus until it has stopped.
  • Do not run for the bus. If you miss the bus, wait for the next one. They arrive every few minutes.
  • Alert the driver in advance of the stop that you would like to exit.
  • Watch your step getting on and off the bus. Never skip or jump over the steps.
  • When exiting by the rear door, hold on to the handle until you have stepped completely off the bus.
  • Use handrails and bars to steady yourself while standing or walking on a moving bus. Never stand or sit in bus stairwells or lean against the doors.
  • Do not stand in front of or next to the driver. The area between the driver and the front door must always be kept clear.
  • Keep every part of your body inside of the bus. Extending your head, hands or arms outside of the bus windows is extremely dangerous.
  • Follow the driver’s instructions. If you miss your stop or there is an emergency, tell the driver and follow their instructions. Drivers can quickly provide or arrange assistance that is needed.
  • Use caution when crossing the roadways. Always look both ways before crossing and use crosswalks.

Rail Safety

  • Walk, do not run, on the platform. If you miss a train, wait for the next one.
  • In stations, stand behind the yellow line while waiting for a train and as the train is approaching the station.
  • Never walk on the tracks.
  • If you drop an item on the tracks, do not attempt to retrieve it. Notify an attendant.
  • Always stop, look and listen. Obey all warning devices, including flashing lights, horns/bells, signals and crossing gates.

We will do everything we can to keep you safe. Please be sure to do the same for yourself. Be safe so you can fully enjoy the customer friendly environment of BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.